Notes on Renewal, 2021

This collection comes in a time of constant change and renewal. A time when we are on our toes and collectively forced into adaptation, growth and change. A thoughtful collection relating mindfulness to jewellery to bring our mind into the present moment.

Jewellery when worn becomes a companion to your adventures, whether big or small, indoors or outdoors, to dreams and real life projects. Everything tells a story from heirloom to trends and this collection creates room for a grounding narrative. Reminders to make space for ourselves, the strength we have and perspective to see the world through a different lens.

For the moment, I have released three rings and two pairs of earrings. In time I want this to grow to include a necklace and a bracelet, but good things take time. In a world where projects are being forced to slow down, creativity can enter its own flow and I trust the pieces will reveal themselves when the time is right.

Look out for one another,

Courtney x