Care + FAQ

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How do I know my ring size? // The age old question. A very important one too! If you have a local jewellery shop or jeweller you can pay them a visit and ask to check your ring size.

If you can't access jeweller in real life you can buy these nifty ring sizers for a few dollars online. Then you can share it with your friends! I use the AUS/UK sizing (alphabet) but it's fairly easy to calculate the difference if you only know your US sizing for example. Looking up this google search, they should only be a few dollars. When finding the right size you don't want it to slide up and down easily (like a ring), have a little dance and see if it lifts off. If it does, make it a little tighter. 

If you visit me at a market I'll make sure to have my sizer on me too, just ask.

Please contact me if you need help, it's what I'm here for!

How do I care for Gold Plated pieces? // Gold plating adds a thin layer of gold to any piece. Over time, the gold does wear down away. To ensure the longevity of the pieces please avoid wearing them in chlorinated water, perfumes or having them come into contact with sunscreens, beauty or bathing products. Avoid wearing them in the shower and store in a dry clean and safe place when not being worn. Re-plating is available too generally for $20 depending on the size of the piece. Post the work to me in a safe container or drop it off at my studio in Fitzroy. 

How do I care for my enamelled pieces? // Please be careful when handling the pieces and dropping can cause chipping on the work. Enamelling a process which a very fine glass powder is fused to the metal at a high temperature. Therefore if the work is dropped and chipped it can cause a very sharp edge.